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A quick introduction…

I’m Leanne Steeghs: systemic trainer, team coach, educator and author. Sixteen years ago I earned my post-bachelor’s degree Professional Trainer/Coach and in the past fourteen years I have increased and deepened my knowledge of systemic work and constellations.

I often apply this systemic expertise in organizations, usually in the case of leadership and team development processes. Or I work as an executive team coach to discover (obstructing) patterns that hinder the growth of flow in organizational systems.  

I am often called upon as a systemic trainer and guest teacher, by training institutes, organizations or at conferences. I work as a freelance teacher at School voor Coaching (senior team coach Course Team coaching). 
In 2018, Philippe Bailleur and’Training Systemic Leadership’ for experienced managers, which is organized by HRD Academy and in 2020 we also started the ‘Training Organizational Constellator’, also in Belgium.

Unlocking Systemic Wisdom – bringing key knowledge from constellations to the work floor’, the book I wrote together with Siets Bakker, was published in Dutch in 2015. This practical handbook focuses on integrating systemic knowledge in your daily work and life. There’s no need to be an expert to benefit from it 😉 The audiobook and the English translation followed shortly after its publication.

Bringing complex subjects in a simple way has become my trademark. I achieve this through clear language and by using demos with constellations as work forms, so that participants immediately experience the effect. I am direct and purpose-oriented, which isn’t a surprise considering my background in professional sports and sales.

I work from experience, dare to be both powerful and vulnerable and combine depth with lightness and humor. Participants describe me as energetic, involved, clear, practical, safe, professional, and capable of working with tense subjects in a relaxed manner. Clients experience my input as a kind of flywheel, catalyzing development and change processes.

Would you like to know more about my experience and education? Download my CV here.


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For me, partnership is working together, shoulder to shoulder. Being able to trust and reinforce each other. Together, but with plenty of room for everyone’s own expertise. I often work together with other professional trainers, coaches and teachers, all excellent professionals with their own, unique specialism. This enables us to tackle every job, big or small.

The focus is on the growth of people, teams and organisations. Based on the task, I select the right professionals to join me to reach the best result. You can count on a robust, challenging customised programme, with plenty of experience-based work forms that have a long-lasting and deep-acting effect. Not just mentally, but also physically, emotionally and spiritually. That’s what we stand for!