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Book Unlocking Systemic Wisdom

Bringing key knowledge from constellations to the work floor

You sense that something is off in your organisation or team, but can’t find the words to describe it. So you carry on and ignore the signals: signals from your surroundings or your body’s signals. That’s a shame, because there is so much more to be gained from the systemic wisdom within you. Siets Bakker and Leanne Steeghs wrote the first practical handbook that translates the knowledge from family and organisational constellations to the work floor in a clear and pragmatic way. You will read which three life-giving forces are at work in the undercurrent of organisations and teams, so that you better understand what you already sensed but couldn’t describe.

Unlocking systemic wisdom

  • Practical handbook
  • Suitable for interested laymen
  • Constellations are proven to be powerful
  • Constellations have a continued result

Siets Bakker en Leanne Steeghs