Four authors join forces

New quality label ‘Connecting Books’

Philippe Bailleur, Els van Stein, Siets Bakker and Leanne Steeghs joined forces under the quality label ‘Connecting Books’. The goal is to spread their knowledge worldwide. Every author individually is an expert in their field of work. ‘We all know each others work, appreciate it and feel it is time that the world gets to know us.’

‘Each of our books is selling really well in Belgium and The Netherlands, and our clients were asking if we could publish our work in English as well. As if it was meant to be, we found ourselves working on translations of our books almost at the same time. We believe we all have the same goal; we want to spread our knowledge and give our readers insights on how they can improve their way of working and living. Our books will have a high impact on your way of thinking and can all be a force for good. We chose to gather our strengths and this is how Connecting Books was born.’

Hidden connections

‘Even though every book is substantially different from the others, we still are connected. Each author works around invisible patterns. You will be pleasantly surprised about how life can flow when you learn about the hidden connections and patterns that are all around you. Each of us have experienced that most of the living systems we are part of have become more complex and less predictable.

Therefore a different perspective and approach is needed to understand these family or organisational systems. In our practice as systemic consultants,

trainers and coaches, we developed new language, metaphors and tools which we share through our books. Together we cover the fields of leadership, organisational and personal development. Both conceptual and practical.’

Logo Connecting Books

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Unlocking systemic wisdom

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